Do you believe that you have discovered everything about Moraira? Solhabitat teaches you its hidden treasures.

In addition to the sun and the beach, Moraira located on the Costa Blanca is provided with a rich history. So come and discover its fascinating historical places.

1.- Cueva de la Cendra

The history of Moraira begins with the archaeological findings of the cave of la Cendra that reflects life from the Upper Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. This spectacular cave located in Cap d’Or is a fantastic place that will take you back to the time of our ancestors. Although now it isn’t open to the public due to archeological studies it’s worth going to enjoy it’s fascinating views.


2.-Torre Vigia cap d´Or

The Tower Vigia is one of the most important monuments of Moraira. This old watchtower is located at the top of Cap d’Or, and it was built in the 16th century to protect the people of continuous pirate attacks. From this tower the sea was controlled and they warned the interior of any outbreak. It is currently one of the most important attractions of Moraira, from which you can contemplate a magnificent panoramic view of the whole area.


3.-Castillo de Moraira

Another essential visit in Moraira is the Castle of the Sea, which was also built with a monitoring and defensive purpose. This tower-castle, located on a rocky part of the beach l’Ampolla, has been restored and enabled as a historical museum. We recommend you to take some time to visit this simply because of its history and its breathtaking views.


4.- Iglesia-fortaleza de Santa Catelina Martir

Last but not least, we recommend a fascinating visit to the church of Santa Catelina Martir. A curiosity about this monument is that it is a reconstruction of an ancient gothic style church that was built in the 14th century to protect the people against pirate attacks. It is worth a visit, especially because inside you can discover one of the oldest musical organs in Alicante.


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