Let me begin by saying that Cala L’Andragó is one of the most beautiful coves in Alicante. With its crystal-clear waters, viewpoints, and culinary offerings that can be found nearby, this little corner along the shoreline is the perfect option to enjoy a beautiful day and relax with family. If you are a fan of snorkelling or diving, this place is for you, as the marine life is impressive and the calm waters allow for easy access into the cala for people of all ages. Keep reading to discover more about this wonderful beach and Cala L’Andragó.


Exploring Cala L'Andragó, Moraira

Cala L’Andragó in Moraira is a semi-urban beach, meaning it is close to several housing developments but is also surrounded by nature. In fact, the local wildlife and plant life are some of its most significant attributes, drawing many visitors to this small cove for diving and snorkelling, especially during the summer months. However, Cala L’Andragó can be enjoyed at any time of the year, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate.

There is a large expanse of smooth rock, ideal for lying in the sun for a while, but we recommend wearing suitable footwear (such as water shoes), as moving around in sandals or other types of slippers can be a bit tricky. But don’t worry, because there is a staircase with direct access to the sea, making it easier to get in and out of the magnificent Mediterranean waters of Cala L’Andragó. Additionally, it’s important to know that there is a lifeguard service during the summer, but not during the rest of the year.

What to Do at Cala L'Andragó in Moraira

Despite being a small cove, of around 150 metres in length and around 10 metres in width, it is a space that offers many possibilities. The water is transparent, with a seabed rich in biodiversity, making it perfect for diving or snorkelling. It’s also possible to do other water sports, such as paddle surfing or kayaking, making it versatile for the whole family. The smooth rocks around the sea give you the perfect place to spread out a towel and make the most of the sun, providing a fulfilling day at Cala L’Andragó.

Nature of Cala L'Andragó

The surrounding area of Cala L’Andragó features some cliffs adorned with vegetation, creating a landscape characteristic of the Mediterranean coast. This contributes to a feeling of rest and tranquillity, even though you have all the essential services next to the beach. This combination is one of the reasons why tourists choose Cala L’Andragó in Moraira and its semi-urban beach.

Take Advantage of the Sunset in Cala L'Andragó

Sunsets on this coast of Spain are beautiful, we are aware of that, but at Cala L’Andragó there is a viewpoint that is part of the coastal viewpoints route, offering spectacular vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an ideal place to take stunning photos and maybe later share them on Instagram, with the sea in the background and the rocks in the foreground. Reaching the viewpoint is not difficult, as it is located right next to the cove. In general, getting to Cala L’Andragó is very easy, as it is just a 5-minute drive from Moraira.


The Best Restaurants in Cala L’Andragó

There are several restaurants and bars in the area, some of them offering live music and spectacular views. With so many choices, we have decided to help you with some suggestions. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Cala L’Andragó:

Algas L’Andragó

A fantastic option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner right in Cala L’Andragó. Tapas, dishes, and various types of drinks to suit all tastes, with a relaxed atmosphere in a privileged setting.

Bar La Cabana Moraira

A sophisticated bar that combines the ambience of a beach club with the fun of a cocktail bar. Additionally, on the rooftop of the bar, is its restaurant ZanziBar, where you can enjoy seafood and spectacular views.

Restaurante Mamirona

How about enjoying fantastic international and local dishes after taking a dip in the Mediterranean? With a terrace, sea views, and parking, Restaurante Mamirona is a great option to recharge your batteries.

These are our restaurant recommendations for where to eat in Moraira, but they are also great options for just having a drink if you prefer instead. 

The Best Time to Visit Cala L’Andragó

Any time of the year is a good time to visit Cala L’Andragó and Alicante in general, but it’s true that the summer is the most appealing mainly due to the hot weather and the lively atmosphere in the area. These are the months with the highest occupancy, so if you’re looking for more tranquillity, you might want to consider visiting Cala L’Andragó during spring for autumn as there are likely to be fewer tourists.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to visit Alicante in the summer, try to get to the coves and beaches early. Specifically for Cala L’Andragó in Moraira, this is especially important due to the limited size of the beach and also the parking area, which has a capacity for 40 cars.

Your Holidays in Moraira

Moraira offers excellent options for summer vacations, and Cala L’Andragó is undoubtedly one of them. This beach, in a large cove formed by Punta de Moraira to the north and Cabo Blanco to the south, creates the perfect cocktail for enjoying the good Mediterranean life: sun, transparent water, relaxed atmosphere, and good food. What more could you ask for?

Finding the best accommodation for when visiting the area is always important for any tourist. Luckily, the Costa Blanca has fantastic options for families, groups of friends, couples, and solo travellers. We are sure that you will find the perfect solution for you and your group!