In the fantastic province of Alicante, you can find the Castell de la Granadella, a place full of history that offers spectacular panoramic views. This structure, which is not actually a castle but a coastal battery, was part of the area’s defensive system. It’s located on top of a hill, and from this point, it’s possible to see the sea and all of its surrounding nature.

In this post, we will talk a little about the origins of the Castell de la Granadella, tell you how to get to this point of interest on the Costa Blanca, and give you some recommendations on things to see and do near the Castell de la Granadella.


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Exploring the Castell de la Granadella

If you’re planning a visit to the Castell de la Granadella during your next trip to Costa Blanca, you should know that this tourist spot is located half an hour from Moraira, 20 minutes from Jávea, and 40 minutes from Denia, all of which are points of interest in this area for their beaches and summer atmosphere.

If you are travelling to Costa Blanca by plane, both Alicante Airport and Valencia Airport are good options, as both are approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes away.

Once in the vicinity of the Castell de la Granadella lookout, one way to reach this iconic spot is a hiking route of about 3.5 kilometres (round trip), starting from the Cala de la Granadella. By the way, this beach is spectacular, so it also deserves a visit.

Very close by, you can find the Granadella Forest Park, through which other routes also lead to the Castell de la Granadella lookout, offering a lovely walking trail.

History and Beauty; Discovering the Castell de la Granadella

The history of Castell de la Granadella dates back to the 18th century, with its initial construction by the Muslims. It was later adapted to defend the coast from enemy invasions. Despite being quite deteriorated, largely due to attacks during the war against Napoleon, there was a rectangular cistern nearby that served as a water storage for the troops. Visiting Castell de la Granadella is like taking a journey back in time, allowing us to imagine what it would have been like during a battle.

Its height would have been around 17 meters, although the top part is no longer visible. For more information about this impressive structure, you can visit the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum Soler Blasco in Jávea, where you can find the construction plans dating back to 1737. Currently, only some parts of the structure can be seen, but the beauty of Castell de la Granadella’s viewpoint lies in its surroundings. Getting here will enable you to enjoy breathtaking views and connect with nature.


Impressive Panoramic View

Visitors to Castell de la Granadella come for its views and the route that leads from the cove to the hill’s summit. Both aspects are truly captivating: the route is pleasant and enjoyable, and the views from the viewpoint overlooking Granadella Cove are breathtaking. You can admire the surrounding nature and the Mediterranean Sea that bathes the Costa Blanca. Any time of the year is suitable to explore this region, as good weather is almost always guaranteed.

As mentioned earlier, there are several hiking trails in the vicinity of Castell de la Granadella, some of which lead to this historical, architectural and cultural landmark. The difficulty of these routes varies, so we recommend researching them before starting your journey. One of the great advantages is the abundant vegetation in the area, allowing you to breathe fresh air and enjoy a pleasant walk surrounded by the region’s fauna and flora.

Adventures in the Surroundings of Castell de la Granadella

You can enjoy a variety of activities during your visit to Castell de la Granadella and its surroundings: kayaking, snorkelling, paddleboarding, scuba diving, and bike riding are just a few of them, so excitement and fun are guaranteed. After these adventures, you’ll surely want to grab a bite and have a drink, so make sure to check out the beachfront restaurants for something refreshing and a taste of the region’s typical dishes.


Granadella Beach is a beautiful cove with a Blue Flag recognition and consistently ranks in the best beaches in Spain contests. From the Granadella Cove viewpoint, you can take in the entire beach as a whole – an unforgettable sight. So, when planning your visit, make sure to set aside some time to relax on the sandy shores and take a refreshing dip in these crystal-clear waters. It’s even better if you do it after your hike to Castell de la Granadella!

Discover the Mystery and Magic of Castell de la Granadella

Visiting Castell de la Granadella is an intriguing experience for all types of travellers: history enthusiasts interested in Spain’s past, hiking enthusiasts, and those in search of the best-uninterrupted views, whether for enjoying sunsets or capturing that perfect Instagram photo. Furthermore, the surrounding areas offer numerous opportunities to make the most of the good weather, which is why this region is in such high demand.

Lastly, our recommendation is for some great accommodation options for your trip, whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, or with your family. You can find apartments and villas in various areas of Costa Blanca, so take a look – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for and have an ideal vacation on your next visit to Castell de la Granadella.