You’ll be hard pushed to find a beach like Cap Blanc de Moraira elsewhere. Also known as Cala Punta Estrella and located in the province of Alicante, it’s a beautiful, wild and quiet bathing area. Would you like to check it out?


Cap Blanc: Exploring the beauty of this cliff on the Costa Blanca

Cap Blanc isn’t a place for everyone. This cove lacks services and facilities; however, what it does have is stunning natural beauty, wild nature and the Mediterranean Sea in its purest state. Its 200 metre-long and 8 metre-wide cliffs are part of the European Natura 2000 Network.

You need to be careful though to enjoy it. It’s therefore not recommended to go with children, dogs or people with mobility difficulties. In spite of all this, it offers one of Spain’s best experiences when it comes to unspoilt coves.

It’s accessed from the area around Calle de Cabo de Gata. A combination of stairs and a ramp help you get down to it, although you’ll need to take care. Once you’re down in this wonderfully wild bathing area, a metal ladder will help you get into and out of the water. However, the sea is usually quite rough.

The waters are crystal clear with lots of posidonia oceanica. Did you know that this plant produces oxygen and captures carbon dioxide? Water shoes must be worn because some areas are slippery. What’s more, they should also be worn because there are usually sea urchins about. Take advantage of your excursion to observe them in their natural habitat!


Panoramic views from Cap Blanc

Cap Blanc beach is more than an unusual and surprising wild bathing area. All around it, you’ll discover jaw-dropping landscapes, with the chance to take stunning photographs of the Costa Blanca and its iconic locations.

Looking out from its viewpoint, you can take in the purity of this cove. In doing so, you’ll enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Calpe’s Peñón de Ifach, which majestically presides over the surroundings.

The Bernia and Toix mountain ranges also leave a stunning impression from this observatory built into the cliff.

Coastal hiking in Cala Punta Estrella

Marina Alta offers hikers a spectacular range of wonderful experiences, sensations and challenges. All you need is the motivation to keep going, as well as good sports equipment, to explore the prodigious trails and itineraries that await you in the surroundings of this natural cove in Alicante.

However, watch out for the following: In Mallorca, there’s an area also called Cap Blanc, Cabo Blanco, which is also famous for its hiking routes. They take you to the Cap Blanc lighthouse as you make your way along coasts dotted with cliffs via different Balearic trails. Be careful when planning your routes; don’t get the two places mixed up! You wouldn’t be the first person to make this mistake.

In any case, the trails near Punta Estrella are also worth mentioning. They lead you to the beautiful Moraria-Teulada viewpoint where a magnificent experience is in store.

To get down to cove, you’ll walk along a beautiful path between bougainvillea and white houses that look like something from a photograph. A dip in the choppy Mediterranean waters will recharge your batteries for the journey back.


Natural diversity at Cap Blanc

No shortage of surprises await you in this enthralling space. The Cap Blanc Aquarium, however, is not one of them.

People also get confused by this. This aquarium is located inside a natural cave in Ibiza. It covers an area of roughly 400 square metres and features various different cavities and sea inlets, so the water is constantly being renewed.

The existing fish tanks house a good number of specimens that enter and leave these spaces at their own free will. These are mostly gilt-head bream, groupers, rays, stripers, wrasse and scorpion fish.

The alternative to this enchanting Ibizan spot is to go snorkelling in Cala Punta Estrella. Its crystal-clear waters, the rich Mediterranean flora and fauna and the swaying of the waves make it a wonderful experience.

Explore Cap Blanc and connect with nature

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