When you arrive in Cala Del Baladrar on the Costa Brava, you’ll struggle to believe what you’re seeing. It’s hard to get your head around the idea of having somewhere like this in Spain with such beauty, nature and relaxation in store for you. Located in the Alicante town of Benissa, it’s one of those charming spots that keep people coming back in droves.

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Cala Baladrar: Discovering a jewel in the Costa Blanca’s crown

Cala de Baladrar is a stunning example of what awaits tourists on the always-wonderful Costa Blanca. The warm beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the province of Alicante come together to offer one-of-a-kind bathing spots. They are characterised by fine, clear sand and calm salt-water beaches.

There is no shortage of coves tucked away, preserving the magic, charm and serenity of yesteryear. Nevertheless, few are as stunning as Cala Baladrar in Benissa.

This traditional, pleasant and relaxing town is home to a huge variety of incredible marine spaces. To be more precise; Bahía de les Bassetes, La Fustera, Cala Pinets, Platgeta de l’Advocat and Cala de la Llobella. Of course, there’s the unbeatable Cala del Baladrar, for many the greatest treasure of the Alicante Mediterranean coastline.

The crystal-clear waters, the pleasant vibe, the warmth of the water and the beautiful surroundings make Benissa one of the Costa Blanca’s best holiday destinations.


The turquoise waters of Baladrar Cove

Every time you find yourself in this small maritime paradise, you’ll feel like the star of a TV ad. We’re talking about a natural balcony, located between cliffs and pine trees that visually embrace the blue of the sea. On its turquoise sea surface, the sun’s rays create bright sparkles that almost look like souls rising to the heavens.

Its transparent and welcoming waters are very shallow, so everyone can go for a dip, including the little ones. On the other hand, it is an aquatic garden brimming with flora and fauna. It’s a big hit with divers and snorkellers. The warmth and protection from the wind play a part in contributing to the calm, serene and relaxing vibe that could almost have been designed on a computer.

A natural and relaxing location on the Costa Blanca

Cala Baladrar is the jewel in Benissa’s crown. There is no direct access; you have to go down some steps. However, this is a minor inconvenience considering its origin: the Sesters ravine.

Once at the seafront, the cove is divided by a hypnotising inlet. La Goleta and El Baladrar are separated, or come together – depending on how you see it – by this monumental rocky appendage.

For many, La Polida is the most stunning thing about this cove. It’s a 30-metre cliff on which a grooved labyrinth has been formed by coastal erosion.

In the high season, Cala el Baladrar has an incredible beach bar where everything – both drinks and snacks – is sure to taste delicious. What more could you ask for in a setting like this, with the sound of the waters and the fresh breeze in your face.

A picnic area, a lifeguard station and a small car park facing the steps round off the man-made attractions of this dreamlike location.


What is there to do in Cala Baladrar?

Looking for activities to enjoy while you get away from it all? Is active tourism more your thing? Don’t worry: you won’t get bored in Cala del Baladrar, unless that’s what you’re after. Apart from taking in the lush posidonia, snorkelling will give you the chance to enjoy bream, thrush, octopus, red mullet and other animal species.

You can also go kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. Whatever you go for, you’ll combine physical exercise with an eloquent delight in the surrounding environmental beauty.

A stone’s throw away, you’ll find short hikes or mountain biking trails, although they aren’t always for all levels. Afterwards, going for a dip and then resting on the cove’s traditional carpet of pebbles is something you won’t forget for a long time.

Come visit Cala Baladrar to create moments you’ll never forget

This idyllic spot always creates memories that last a lifetime. Incredible bonds are made when you share them with your loved ones, be it your partner, your family or your friends. Taking in the surroundings, enjoying the absolute serenity and getting a feel for maritime life in each and every detail are just some of gifts that Cala de Baladrar keep on giving.

As such, we highly recommend visiting this part of Spain. What’s the best tip we could give you? Stay in one of our apartments or villas in Benissa and place your trust in the always-excellent service guaranteed by Sol Habitat.

Book now. Start planning your next getaway to Cala del Baladrar now for that sensory delight that you deserve.