The best tapas of Moraira

La Marina Alta is a region of the province of Alicante, surrounded by mountains and sea. Thanks to its privileged location, it has the best gastronomy of the entire Valencian community and today Solhabitat is going to present you the best tapas in Moraira:

Erizos de mar:

The most appreciated tapa by the Spaniards due to its short supply. The best month to eat them is from December, especially in January, February and March. So if you are here at this time of the year don´t hesitate to taste them! Underneath that shell of nails you will taste a splendid sea flavor.


Pulpo (octopus):

One of the richest and traditional tapas of the area. You can order it to your taste, dry, cooked, grilled or fried but we assure that you will never taste anything better!


Patatas bravas with allioli:

Portion of potatoes with a typical sauce of our country. You can find this tapa in any bar or restaurant and it’s an ideal accompaniment for a good cold beer.


Huevas de sepia:

Another great tapa that you can´t refrain from ordering when you are going out to have some tapas are huevas de sepia. It’s similar to a cuttlefish but it has a finer texture. Even though it’s not very popular among tourists, Solhabitat invites you to try this singular aperitif of the Marina Alta. It will not let you down!

Gamba roja de Denia:

The richest and most famous prawns of the Valencian Community. You can only find them in the most exclusive restaurants in the area, mainly in Denia. Solhabitat recommends visiting this city not only to taste this exquisite product but also to visit its charming castle of Muslim origin.


Cocas de maíz:

A delicious and very popular tapa of the area. Corn pancakes that you can fill in with several ingredients; the most typical here in this area are the pancakes filled in with fried tomato, chopped hard-boiled egg, tuna and anchovy or the pancakes with beet leaves and prawns.

Croquetas de bacalao:

Croquettes made with potatoes and cod, a white fish high in vitamins. Aside from being healthy it’s exquisite! It also likes the youngest of the family so it’s essential to order when you travel with children.

croquetas bacalao


If our post made your mouth water, why not try these tapas in Moraira in one of our fantastic properties ? Get in touch with us and book your next holiday.