Spending your holidays in the Marina Alta region is worldly known for its fabulous beaches and its surroundings which make any holiday one to remember. Though there is something else that attracts tourism to this area… the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Being surrounded by mountains and coast, the Marina Alta has developed a gastronomy which is more personal compared to the rest of the Valencian Community, due to its isolation.

Quality is guaranteed in the gastronomic products within the area. These products are cultivated or collected in the Marina Alta itself. For example, the fish as used in many of our recipes and tapas are gathered directly from the Mediterranean waters that surround us. Traditional sausages and vegetables are harvested on local farms, land and orchards and bathed by the sun which brings a unique flavour to the final product.

You cannot leave Moraira without trying the typical ‘mullador’ or ‘espencat’. The word in Valencian means “shredded”, and as the name suggests the dish consists of different vegetables accompanied by a type of salted fish. It may contain cod, peppers, onions and much more.

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Another must you should not ignore are the traditional ‘cocas’ of the Marina Alta. These are delicious flour cakes accompanied by various kinds of products from the area. The most traditional are the tomato and sausage, and the simple but delicious olive oil and anchovy.

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Last but not least… rice! Any kind will be a sure success, mixed with local fish for a delicious flavour. You will be able to taste the sea on your palate. Baked rice has a stronger flavour. Sausage, meat, chickpeas and vegetables are all local products that you will remember when looking back on your summer vacation.

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Remember to make a list of the Marina Alta cuisine you want to try. At Sol Habitat Moraira we are happy to recommend places where you can taste them. The best holiday you could ever imagine, thanks to the sea, the mountains and the gastronomy!