Portet de Moraira is one of the most beautiful beaches of this town in Alicante. Thanks to its location, you will be able to enjoy calm waters that are ideal for taking part in water sports at any time of the year.

without a doubt, it is one of the places you should visit if you are staying in Costa Blanca in Alicante.

The location of the Portet de Moraira

This beach is located right next to the Moraira port. In addition, it is flanked by the Punta de Moraira, a small ledge that protects this beach from the Levante winds. To get here, it is necessary to take the regional CV-737 highway if you’re coming from the north, or the CV-746 if you’re coming from the south.

El Portet en Moraira, un balcón al mar

All you need to know about Portet Moraira

This sandy area is very close to the centre of Moraira. However, you will notice immediately that it’s landscape is not urban at all. Beyond some houses near the shore, the environment is dominated by several outcrops with abundant flora. Its crystal clear waters invite you to cool off in the hottest months. The turquoise tone that you will see in the distance is due to the presence of posidonia oceanica, an important seabed plant that is responsible for filtering and oxygenating the water in the area.

The length of this beach is about 300 m, mostly covered by sand, although you will also come across some stony areas. The width, at high tide, is about 10 m long. Therefore, you will always be close to the water.

El Portet Moraira, restaurante frente al mar, con las mejores vistas

Services to be found in El Portet de Moraira

El Portet, playa de Moraira con aguas cristalinas

This is a Blue Flag beach and is accessible for those with disabilities. In the summer months, lifeguards are available. At the entrance, you will find toilets and footbaths to avoid being bothered by the sand on your journey back. On the beach itself, there are also rubbish bins for you to dispose of your waste and the town council provides a cleaning service throughout the year. Finally, you should know that there is a nautical equipment rental company and a restaurant.

Activities in the Portet de Moraira cove

If you go to the Portet de Moraira beach with children, you will enjoy its fine white sand. Additionally, you will be able to relax, since the waves are very gentle and are not dangerous. On the other hand, if you are looking for a great time in the sea, it is also an excellent place. The sandy area, located in the middle of the bay, is perfect for the practice of different water sports. You will find many users aboard kayaks, since it is one of the most popular activities.

It is also an ideal place for snorkelling. The low current of these waters prevents the sand from rising and that will allow you to admire the seabed. A few metres from the shore you will discover a rich underwater fauna that will leave you speechless.

El Portet, bañistas en la playa de Moraira

Where to park at the Portet de Moraira beach?

Parking in the area is not easy, since the beach is surrounded by narrow streets and there are not many parking spaces available. However, recently the town council has prepared a parking lot, located on Puerto Espíndola street, where you can leave your car. It is protected by pine trees, so you will have a place in the shade. The walking distance to the beach is about 200 m.

Alternatively, you can look for parking in the port. It is a little further from the coast, but you will not have to walk more than 400 m to reach the shore.

Recommendations for visiting the Portet of Moraira

The Portet de Moraira cove is located in an extraordinary place. However, to get the most out of the experience we recommend that you stay nearby. This will make it so much easier to get to the sandy beach. The Solhabitat Infinity Moraira villa is one of the most special in the whole town.

It is very close to the Portet de Moraira beach and will allow you to walk to any other place in town. This villa has its own swimming pool, something you will appreciate when you feel like taking a dip to cool off.

Other nearby beaches

To the right of the Moraira port you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in the town, the Ampolla beach. This, in turn, has parking in front of the beach, which will save you from having to walk while carrying all your beach gear. A little further in the centre of the town, Platgetes beach is another good alternative. It has a great offer of leisure in the vicinity where you’ll discover several restaurants.

As you can see, the Portet de Moraira is an excellent choice to spend a day enjoying the sun, the water and the sand. Its location is ideal for you to have a great time, practising water sports or swimming in a relaxed manner near the shore. Take the opportunity and book one of Solhabitat’s accommodations in the surroundings of this beautiful beach.

Otras playas de Moraira, bañistas disfrutando del verano