Visiting Moraira in September? Congratulations! September is the perfect month to travel to your chosen destination, especially the Costa Blanca.

There are so many advantages in comparison to visiting the area in high season. You may still have some doubts, but at Solhabitat, we have prepared a list of reasons that should help you make your decisions:

  1. The best temperatures of the year on the Costa Blanca

It is well known that the warm summer temperatures remain throughout September and we appreciate it in the Moraira and Benissa areas. This is because during the summer months, it is somewhat difficult to enjoy these areas due to the mass of tourists, which isn’t the same in September, as the number of visitor’s decreases considerably. This way, you can enjoy your holiday just the same as you would in July or August as the temperature is the same if not better, and you won’t have to dodge through the people while enjoying a relaxing walk with your family or friends.



  1. Enjoy the beaches at your leisure

Another positive is that many people decide to visit Costa Blanca in September to enjoy the marvellous beaches with plenty of space around you. It is peaceful lying on the sand without hearing shouting and without having sand flicked all over your towel. The Costa Blanca in September is all about relaxing.

  1. Gastronomy for everyone’s tastes

If you’re a lover of good food, you can’t miss out on all that Moraira has to offer. The best fresh fish straight from the Mediterranean Sea onto the tables of some of the best restaurants, paella and rice dishes that you won’t forget, and wine from the region that goes above the most recognized… In summary, if you like to eat well, the Costa Blanca is a stop you must take during September, and Moraira itself is essential.


  1. Lower prices in every aspect

Without doubt, a strong reason for visiting our land during September is our special prices for this season. You can have the holiday of a lifetime for a lot less that you originally budgeted. Some of the best holiday villas of the region are lowering their prices and offer great discounts. Are you looking for a holiday villa in Moraira with a pool, sea views, or close to the town? No problem! Once you find one, the prices will have dropped noticeably in comparison to the months of July and August. Everything’s a positive!

  1. A wide range of activities

Finally, during the month of September, cultural activities begin again in Moraira. For example, the Moraira-Teulada auditorium offers a wide repertoire to its theatre plays or concerts that you can’t miss. Also, tourist activities that are carried out through the summer months continue in September, such as jets skiing, canoeing, paddle surfing, diving, surfing, snorkelling, hiking…. And so much more! What you won’t be doing in Moraira during September is getting bored.