The restaurants in Jávea offer a wide range of culinary treats. At this tourist town in the province of Alicante you can enjoy everything from haute cuisine to more popular dishes of the very best quality.

Characteristics of Jávea cuisine

Jávea is a fishing village surrounded by orchards and nearby rice fields, and it has been open to foreign tourism for decades now. Here you will find many options, from international cuisine to new creations with traditional roots.

Among the latter, rice dishes, fish and products from the local orchards are the three pillars that form the basis of the most exquisite dishes. Products from the orchards are used in all local cuisine, most prominently in traditional dishes such as coca (Spanish flatbread) with peppers, onion and olive oil, or esgarraet with cod.

But you can also discover the high quality of the local legumes through the stews that have made the kitchens in the area famous. The perfect example of this arroz con alubias y nabos, a rice dish with beans and turnips that you’re sure to find on the menu of many restaurants in Jávea. Make sure you also try the baked version of the same dish, along with paella marinera and fideuá.

The fantastic local fresh fish not only flavours the stews and rice dishes, but it is also delicious in its own right when served as delicate seafood tapas dishes, such as cuttlefish, squid, sea urchin, octopus or starfish, along with salted tuna or frigate tuna. And it is great when served as main dishes as well, like sea bream, or fish stews, such as cruet de peix or suc roig.

A good meal must always be finished with a dessert, and once again local products from the land take centre stage. Almond and sweet potato pastissets, pilota, tortà and mona de pascua are just some of the desserts typical to the area.

Comida de Restaurante javea

Five restaurants in Jávea that you must try

As we already mentioned, the restaurants in Jávea offer a wide range of culinary options. In the selection we’ve provided below you are sure to find something that suits your tastes, family needs and budget.

BonAmb Restaurant

This incredible restaurant in Jávea has two Michelin stars and a rating of three suns in the Repsol guide. It opened in 2011 and is highly esteemed for its atmosphere and service, offering modern architecture that is perfectly integrated and open to an incredible environment.

Among its dishes you will discover a range of delicate, innovative dishes with deep traditional roots and a focus on products from the sea. It offers various tasting menus from up to 11 different countries, paired with wines of the highest quality.

Bon amb Restaurante javea

Ritual de Terra, previously known as Rodat Restaurant

Most restaurants in Jávea are committed to satisfying the palates of visitors from any country, but Rodat, whose name was recently changed to Ritual de Terra, goes one step further. 

El Rodat, Ritual de Terra

The focus of its cuisine is to find the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Tradition does not give way entirely to the new haute-cuisine techniques, it is very prominently included in every dish.

This restaurant on the Mediterranean coast offers rice dishes inspired by seafood recipes, infused with masterful expertise and personality. It is no surprise that they earned their own Michelin star.

La Perla Restaurant

La Perla is considered one of the best traditional restaurants in Jávea by locals. Its owners, who are descendants of the original founders, boast that their food comes from the sea that extends out at their feet.

You won’t find an abundance of sophisticated creations here, but what you will find is delicious dishes rooted in tradition and that warm, human and family treatment that we love so much. All of this has earned them a Repsol Sun and a mention in the Michelin guide.

La Perla Restaurante javea

La Bambula Restaurant

La Bambula Restaurante javea

This is a fantastic establishment to suit all tastes. With a youthful, pleasant and family-friendly atmosphere, its extensive menu includes dishes from all over the world. From baguettes and tostas to oysters and sushi, it’s unlikely that you won’t find something to please your palate.

A multifaceted restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast, drinks or juices, lunch, snacks or dinner.

Pepe y Estrella Restaurant

If we’re going to mention a restaurant in Jávea with a long family history, it has to be the Pepe y Estrella Restaurant.

Here they have accumulated their expertise over four generations. You will love the magical setting, right on Benissero beach, with two coves either side. There is also a terrace, air-conditioned rooms and, most importantly, a lift so that disabled people can access the restaurant.

Its specialities are rice dishes, cruet de Peix, seafood and meat. And all of this is perfectly paired with a wide range of wines.

Pepe y Estrella Restaurante javea

Come and enjoy the cuisine from the restaurants in Jávea

You will love the wide range of fantastic dishes at the restaurants in Jávea. We have highlighted some of our favourites here, but there are many others you can try. Come enjoy them and remember them forever.