Villa Maroa is a very special house for Solhabitat as it has been voted one of the top 10 best houses to spend holidays on the Mediterranean Coast.

Famous online magazines like or have noticed its architectural beauty and the originality of its design.



Architecture magazine created in 1928.  Its online version is one of the most influential and recognized voices in the architecture business. A few months ago they dedicated an article to Maroa’s beauty and originality. They especially underlined its structure, perfect to accommodate large families on holiday as well as people looking for some peace and quiet the rest of the year.  To see the full article they dedicated to Maroa, click here:



The very notorious architecture magazine AD, included Villa Maroa in its article “bello verano”. They chose some of the best houses from different parts of Spain, and among them our Maroa. Want to know more about it? Click here:



Villa Maroa was designed by the architects Largarita- Navarro, who got inspired by relaxing and hedonistic experiences so as to please tourists in the summer but also people looking for tranquility the rest of the year:

This work wouldn’t have been possible without the expert hands of one of the best constructors of the Marina Alta, Construcciones Marva S.L. They chose the best materials to make the quality of the house match this extraordinary design.



This luxury villa in Moraira is the ideal place for the ones looking for a holiday in an outstanding property. It mixes traditional details such as Terra-cotta floors and completely opposite details such as raw concrete ceilings and modern furniture. This perfect balance and the size of its room, its terraced gardens and the beautiful view on the crystal clear Mediterranean, makes it the ideal holiday letting in the Marina Alta.


Now you are probably thinking about staying there for your next holiday, aren’t you? Well it is very simple, just click here and book with us :

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