Cala Pinets, Benissa: an unparalleled beach destination in Alicante

Cala Pinets in Benissa is a charming beach located in the province of Alicante. It is 7 kilometres from Calpe and stands out for the beautiful panoramic views of the Peñón de Ifach outcrop from the shore. Its peaceful nature with crystal-clear water surrounded by pine trees ensures a striking environment recommended for a visit with children.

It offers two beach areas, one with sand and the other with pebbles. The area is perfectly safe and known as Mar Muerta, where you can even catch crabs. The rocks offer protection from the waves and, as it is quite shallow, little ones can feel quite safe and happy there.

It stretches 60 metres in length and is 10 metres wide. Combining both the joy of Mediterranean beaches and an exotic, distinctive and surprising touch. Cala Pinet in Benissa offers a special beach day.

La Cala de Pinets and its quirks

Situated in a natural rock environment, rugged and wild, paying it a visit connects you to the most authentic marine life. Its waters are calm and quite shallow, allowing you a highly refreshing experience.

The Mar Muerta and Rocas Negras area is not to be missed and is made up of striking rock formations in red and ochre tones. The presence of iron lends them this distinctive hue. This landscape has become a fantastic setting for spending quality time with family, friends or as a couple.

Some visitors describe it as a rocky terrace, a small beach located on an enormous eroded rock. When you’re sunbathing on it and look towards the coast, the mix of vegetation, rocks and sand is quite captivating.

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What to do in Cala de Pinets

The tranquillity and moderate number of beachgoers invites you to switch off in this Alicante spot. Cala els Pinets Benissa provides a refreshing environment of beautiful blue skies. Laying out under the sun, listening to chill music and letting yourself be swept away by gentle sensations and personal reflections is a wonderful thing.

It is also possible to play water games with the whole family thanks to the shallow depths. That being said, if you like water activities, you can still take the chance to enjoy some scuba diving or snorkelling. The crystal-clear Mediterranean holds wonderful surprises, primarily Neptune grass and beadlet anemones. Many visitors make the most of this spot by going kayaking or surfing. You’re also sure to spot some hiking fans following routes in the surrounding area.

Getting to Cala de Pinets

It’s not difficult to get to this Mediterranean beach by car. Cala Pinets in Benissa is equipped with parking facilities, meaning your vehicle can also take a quiet break here. If necessary, the famous La Fustera beach also offers parking just 4 minutes away.

The CV-746 road brings you here from Calpe. To arrive from Benidorm and surrounding areas, the AP-7/E-15 is the most common choice. Additionally, a pedestrian path equipped with information panels facilitates access on foot along the coast of Benissa.

Cala Pinets

Places to eat near the cove

The beach bar-restaurant located at the nearby La Fustera beach is the closest food option to Cala Pinets in Benissa. You can get there on foot. The trip takes about 5 minutes and is usually well worth it. Many options await you around this beach, such as Restaurante Pic D-Or, Beach Club La Fustera and Mandala Beach Bar.

Which traditional dishes are most popular in this area? As it is located in the Valencian Community, rice dishes are the star of the show. Try as many different varieties as you like! Whichever you choose, seafood and farm products will feature heavily. Be it the local stew known as pilota, tuna belly with onion, local octopus, onion-braised pigs’ blood and cocas de pisto (baked goods topped with Spanish ratatouille) – all are incredible options. The area is famed for its cold meat production, especially their longaniza sausage, sobrasada (sausage paste) and morcilla (blood pudding).

Get ready to experience Cala Pinets Benissa

Cala els Pinets in Benissa is a paradisiacal Mediterranean destination. It offers privacy, safety for the whole family, beauty, beach charm as well as recreational and sports activities. Its strategic location makes it an attractive destination for all types of holidays and getaways.

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