Would you like to discover what to see in Moraira when you’re there? In this post, we offer different ideas for you to make the most of your stay. Beyond the various coves and beaches that you’ll find along its coastline, this Alicante town has many more surprises in store. You just need to choose which activities sound most appealing to you to enjoy your holiday to the full.

Discover what to do in Moraira and what to see

Moraira is a tourist destination that is full of charm. You’ll have the chance to see that for yourself on the getaway you really want to make. But why not start to plan it now to get the most out of it?

Moraira, qué ver más allá de las playas

1. Visit Moraira castle

This castle is really a small fort that was erected in the 18th century to defend the town from pirate attacks. Today, this horseshoe-shaped construction next to Ampolla beach is home to various exhibitions. These are key to discovering the history of the area in an enjoyable way.

2. Walk through Moraira’s old town

Barranquet, Dr. Calatayud, Almacenes and Mar are just some of the most traditional streets in the town. A stroll through these and other routes that come together in Moraira’s old town is an irresistible plan. It will allow you to get an idea of what this naval town was like centuries ago. You can also discover the various shops and restaurants there.

3. Stroll through the port

Puerto de Moraira

This is one of the most charming spots. Once you have walked through the old town, direct your steps towards the port. It’s the perfect place to end the day. Sit on a bench and let your gaze wander off into the distant horizon, where the sun will hide and paint the sky red.

4. Cruise around on a sailing boat

This is one of the most popular experiences among those who have recently travelled to Moraira. Rent a sailing boat and make a voyage along the coastline. You decide how long you want to sail for and you choose which route to take. Enjoy taking photos from a different perspective and then share them on your social media accounts.

5. Practice water sports

This coast offers you the chance to practice different types of sports. To begin with, you can go scuba diving and fishing in the crystal-clear water of its coves. You also have the opportunity to rent a boat, such as a sea kayak, and go on a rowing trip. Paddle boarding is another sport you might like to try out.

6. Shop in the market

The town’s main car park turns into a market scene every Friday and is worth a visit. Typical products are sold at the various stalls. Along with fruits and vegetables, there are sweets, flowers, clothes, accessories, and much more. Make the most of it to pick up a bargain and some typical items for gifts when you return home.

7. Complete the viewing point route

If you’re still wondering what to see in Moraira, the viewing point route or clifftop route is a fantastic plan. Get moving to complete the five kilometres that separate six specific spots. From El Portet beach to the Andragó viewpoint, passing through the Portixol viewpoint, the castle esplanade, Ampolla and the viewing point at Les Tosqueres and Les Platgetes.

Miradores qué ver en Moraira

8. Discover the history of the Cova de les Cendres

This archaeological site is considered one of the most significant from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic period in the entire western side of the Mediterranean. The excavations, which kicked off in the 1980s, are still going on today. Their findings have made it possible to create virtual simulations of the area, which you can see online on their website.

9. Sample typical dishes

When it comes to booking a table for lunch or an evening meal, opt for restaurants that specialise in the local cuisine. This is the ideal way to try the most traditional recipes, where fish and rice are the star ingredients. You’ll find different establishments of this kind in the old town and in the area around the port.

10. Take a stroll to the Cap d’Or watchtower

Reaching eleven metres in height, this is another lookout tower built for defensive purposes. It sits on top of the crag to which it owes its name. To reach this 16th century tower commissioned by Philip II, you follow a marked hiking route.

Now that you know what to do in Moraira and what to see, check what accommodation there is in this holiday destination and make your booking. We recommend choosing one of the villas in Moraira to make your holiday a memorable experience. You’ll be won over by all the amenities they offer. We can’t wait to see you!