What’s the weather like in Moraira throughout the year?

The weather in Moraira is very mild, all towns in the area enjoy pleasant year-round temperatures. If you’re planning a visit to this area, make sure to take note of the following recommendations to get the most out of your trip.

The weather in Moraira: cold, hot and rainy seasons

This small town enjoys a privileged geographical location. Situated in the province of Alicante, it’s bathed by the temperate waters of the Mediterranean. The influence of the sea means that temperatures remain stable year round. However, the weather in Moraira and Teulada, the wider municipal area to which the town belongs, is susceptible to cool temperatures in winter and heatwaves in summer, especially in the months of July and August.

In the height of summer temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees at night, with daily highs reaching over 30 degrees on a regular basis. Furthermore, precipitation during the summer months drops to a bare minimum, making this the ideal time of year to visit if you’re a beach lover.

The coldest months of the year occur between November and March. During the final weeks of autumn the days become shorter and the sun no longer raises temperatures as in previous months. It’s not unusual for daytime temperatures to stay below 20 degrees, with night-time lows barely reaching 9. However, Moraira and its mild climate are an excellent choice both to enjoy the summer heat and cool midwinter.

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Precipitation is most common between the months of September and October. This is largely due to the “cold snap” phenomenon, when high atmospheric temperatures are disrupted by currents of cold air originating from higher atmospheric layers. Even so, during the rest of the year average rainfall is very low, with an average of 46 litres per square metre during the months with higher levels of precipitation.

The best time of year to visit Moraira

In general, the area’s climate is ideal for all types of activities at any time of year. If your intention is to spend relaxing days at the beach, July and August are the months you’ll want to mark on the calendar. However, if you’re planning to explore other towns and sites in the area and would like to enjoy a quiet holiday without too many crowds, spring is the perfect time of year to visit Moraira.

As we have already mentioned, this area has plenty to offer visitors at any time of year. As the weather in Moraira varies slightly depending on the time of year, the following list highlights the best activities to do in the best season:

Moraira in summer

As we have already mentioned, Moraira is the ideal destination if you’re planning to visit its many coves and take a dip in the region’s crystalline waters. The weather at this time of year in Moraira is very warm, and we recommend trying some water sports to cool off after a long summer’s day at the beach. To discover this region’s stunning coves and beaches, check out our article on the best coves in Moraira.

Moraira in autumn

The weather is ideal in Moraira during the autumn months. Despite the potential for rain in the months of September and October, vegetation begins to change colour, turning the region’s landscapes the reddish-brown so characteristic of this season. This is the ideal time of year to go for leafy walks in Montgó Natural Park or hike some of the many trails in the area. If you get the chance, make sure to visit the Feria de Todos los Santos in Cocentaina and discover local artisan products from across the region. 

Moraira in winter

Although the weather in Moraira in winter is cooler, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a trip to the area. Explore the natural scenery surrounding the region of Teulada, its charming small towns and Christmas markets complete with festive decorations. The cold won’t stop you from heading out to explore Moraira given that, as we’ve already mentioned, temperatures remain mild at this time of year. The bravest visitors can even continue to take part in their favourite water-sports.

Moraira in spring

The most colourful time of year, and Moraira is no exception. Temperatures in Moraira start to get warmer in springtime, encouraging local flowers and vegetation to burst into impressive bloom. It’s a great time of year for sports and hiking, take advantage to explore the region’s hidden corners without the heat of summer. 

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The weather in Moraira will delight visitors year round

As you can see, the weather in Moraira is very pleasant throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy a privileged escape to one of the best regions of the Mediterranean whenever suits you best. We recommend you book a stay at one of our fantastic accommodation options to complete your visit to Moraira. The highest rated choices are Solhabitat Moraira Club Sun, Solhabitat Moraira Oasis and Solhabitat Moraira Club. All are excellent options for any season. What are you waiting for!