To step foot in Cala Llebeig, in El Poble Nou of Benitachell, is to go back several centuries in time. There, you’ll find no big buildings and beach bars, nor even a flag or lifeguard hut. You will, however, discover some old fishing huts and the single building that housed the coastal customs guards. This cove can still reveal many of its stories thanks to the memory of its caves and a few of the locals.

Discovering the beauty of Cala Llebeig

Cala de Llebeig has just 60 metres of beach on which to spread out your towel, though you won’t find any fine sand here. It has a rocky seabed, just like the walls of the cliffs that surround it, forming a U or horseshoe shape.

The waters here are extremely clear – perfect for discovering its bed with the naked eye. In fact, this crystal-clear transparency offers up such intense blues and greens that it almost looks like a painting.

Just a handful of people come here every day, and even less if you go during the week or outside of the high tourist seasons. A half dozen buildings, cabins and cave houses have survived the passage of time and remain in relatively good condition. Their walls are built into the rock and their shade structures are made from bamboo cane. These are rustic and modest stone and whitewashed constructions (intended to serve more as shelters and tool stores than as homes), used by fishermen in their work. They may even have been used by pirates and smugglers when they came ashore.

The majority are attached to the surface of the almost sheer cliffs, home to a little vegetation in the form of broom, shrub oak and Mediterranean pine near the summits. There is little shade along the footpath, but this – the only way to access Cala Llebeig from Benitachell – forms part of its beauty.

Vistas de la Cala Llebeig

Hiking to Cala Llebeig

In reality, Cala Llebeig belongs to two towns. Though small, both Moraira and Benitachell share it like a gem, and as such it can be reached from both municipalities.

The footpaths that lead to this cove are well signposted and can be travelled with children. However, it’s important to bear in mind that there are no protective barriers along the cliffs in most sections. What’s more, the stones can be slippery and there are few shaded spots. Good footwear, hats and water are all essentials, as well as stepping with care.

Senderismo y rutas Cala Llebeig

If you’re wondering how to get to Cala Llebeig, the best option is to follow the SL-CV50 footpath – no matter where you start from. From Moreira, we recommend taking the path from Barranco de la Viuda, as this is the shortest route. This is also the easiest place to leave your car. Remember that there are few car parks at Cala Llebeig, with very little spaces.

However, the most attractive way is the Cliff Route. Here, you can leave you vehicle in the Cala de Testos car park and take this footpath, which will first lead you to the Cala de Moreira and, 3 km later, to your destination. This route offers an excellent viewpoint over Cala Llebeig. You’ll be able to admire stunning panoramas, as the caves reveal stories of shepherds, pirates and villagers.

Activities in Cala Llebeig

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in this environment. Ten routes, some of which are circular, allow you to discover hundreds of little gems. These are all fairly easy routes, though you should always take care. The photo opportunities on these routes are much appreciated by amateurs and professionals alike.

Once you reach the cove, diving and snorkelling are the two most common activities. The rocky seabed hosts a great variety of marine species, while its transparent waters are perfect for snorkelling. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert, as a few companies in the area offer supervised services.

que hacer Cala Llebeig

Another of the most exciting adventures is exploring the cliffs by kayak. In fact, many people choose to reach the cove by rowing these boats, or even by paddleboarding.

If you decide to take the Cliff Route and visit the Cala de Moreira, you can rent a kayak on site and reach Cala Llebeig by sea. Without a doubt, you’re guaranteed a magnificent experience that you’ll never forget.

Visiting the caves along the way is another fantastic experience. Each one reveals a story to which you can add your own imagination and the narration of a few of the locals. This option is particularly exciting for little ones.

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As you can see, the possibilities on offer in the towns along the Alicante coast offer up a constant discovery of landscapes, activities, history and adventures. If you visit this province, you’ll be able to enjoy such attractive destinations as Cala Llebeig. Book your accommodation now!